On most League nights things go according to plan and the teams have a great time playing APA Pool. We realize however, that occasionally there may be a player or even a team in the League that other players find difficult to be around. They may make sexist or racist remarks, bang balls around intentionally to try to skew our handicapping system, or just display an unsportsmanlike attitude in general. With this in mind we have developed our APA FUN FACTOR 5-STAR SPORTSMANSHIP PROGRAM! This system has been designed to accomplish two things: (1) reward teams that from week to week are a pleasure to be around and play against; and (2) identify teams that from week to week create problems, and take appropriate action.

The 5-Star Sportsmanship Program works as follows:

  • Every week you will five your opposing team a sportsmanship rating. It's simple, you only need to circle a number (from 1 to 5 in the appropriate section on the scoresheet)
  • This section must be completed for your team to receive bonus point(s) for the week!
  • You should rate your opponent only after all matches are over and only after both captains have signed the scoresheets. Don't let opposing teams know that you are giving them a bad rating, unless you want them to "get even" and give you a bad rating in return. Simply smile and then write their rating in PRIVACY before turning in your envelope. The rating you give each team will be 100% confidential.

What happens to this data?
The weekly ratings will be entered into our software be accumulated throughout the session. After the second-to-last week of each session, the team that has the highest total will be our Sportsmanship Winners and will receive 8 Good Sportsmanship patches in their envelope on the last week of the session. In addition, on Super Saturday each session all Sportsmanship Winners will be entered into our $555 5-Star Sportsmanship Draw. THE TEAM DRAWN WILL BE THE WINNER OF THE 5-STAR $555 SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD AND RECEIVE $555--just about equal to a full season's dues!  In other words: IT PAYS TO PLAY IN THE APA WITH GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!
On the same note, we will be able to rapidly identify and eliminate the problem players and teams and may take appropriate action. Such actions will range from something as simple as a phone call to the team captain, sending a letter to a player, all the way to a suspension. Remember, playing in the Brooklyn-Queens APA is supposed to be FUN FUN FUN! Our goal is to provide a more enjoyable experience for all players on League night!