Did you know you can make-up a future match? Do you know half your team is going to be on vacation the third week in August? How about Superbowl Sunday? Or Easter? Or matches near the holidays?
Excellent, you can make up that match this week, just ask Mark Choi. Do you want to make-up a future match that occurs after the make up match deadline? Also no problem! Just have it played and turned in before the deadline and you're good to go. If you want to make-up a future match, just contact Mark to get your score sheets. 


Contact Mark Choi (assistant league operator) to obtain scoresheets for Make-Up Matches.

Phone: 917-539-8394
email: mchoi@apaleagues.com

All scheduled matches must be completed by the deadline or they will be scored as is.  Your team will still be liable for weekly dues.

WEEKLY DUES MUST BE PAID FOR EACH MATCH ON THE SCHEDULE, EVEN FOR WEEKS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN MADE UP.  (If you do not schedule a make-up match by the deadline, you still have to pay for it.)

Partial matches will be scored as is.  Points will only be given for matches that were played plus bonus points if eligible.  Teams should coordinate with each other to ensure that the maximum number of matches can be made up.

For matches that were not played at all, both teams will be awarded 1 point each plus bonus points if eligible.