Detailed Playoff Procedures who makes the playoffs based on division size  - click here first!

The Playoff Procedures will vary from division to division, based on the number of team in each division. In divisions with 6 or more teams, the team that finishes the regular-session with the highest point total is considered the Division Champion and each player on the team will receive a trophy.  In divisions with 4 or 5 teams, the Playoff Winner is considered the Division Champion and is entitled to the trophies.  The Division Champion will also receive a large team trophy and the host location receives a plaque for the team with all of the player's names on it.
The division winner (along with potentially one or two other playoff winners) then advances to the $4,000 8-BALL & 9-BALL TRI-CUP TOURNAMENT which takes place on a Saturday afternoon following the end of each session.  The bar teams play against the other bar teams, while billiard hall teams are pitted against billiard hall teams. Higher-level tournament rules apply. The winner of each of these matchups receives a cash prize, and is considered a "QUALIFIED TEAM", meaning they advance to our annual national qualifiers called the 8-BALL & 9-BALL BROOKLYN-QUEENS TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS! This is the event that determines which of our QUALIFIED TEAMS will advance to Las Vegas! This event is held over a weekend each June. A minimum of three 8-ball teams and two 9-ball teams will win a free trip to Las Vegas EACH YEAR!